¿Dónde está el más cercano optometrista?

I made it to DebConf 9 last Thursday evening without issue and it was looking like this would be my first DebConf where nothing went majorly wrong for me. Actually, so far nothing has gone majorly wrong, only moderately :)

On my way to DC9

I'm sitting in the gate area at IND waiting to catch my flight to ATL, the first leg in my trip to DebConf 9, my third DebConf. Unlike the previous two trips to DebConf, it's beginning to look like this will be a hassle-free and trouble-free trip. That'll be a refreshing change if it turns out to be true. Hope to see you in Cáceres!


It's 12:34:56 PM EDT on 7/8/9

Yet another political quiz

My Political Views
I am a far-right social libertarian
Right: 9.53, Libertarian: 8.23

Political Spectrum Quiz

For CosmicRay

Panel 2:

(Background info for those who don't know CosmicRay and or gopher:// )

Comic by Randall Munroe from

Pomp and Circumstance

The trustees, the faculty and
the Purdue University
Class of 2009
announce that
Michael Christopher Schultheiss
is a candidate for the degree of
Bachelor of Science
with a major in
Computer and Information Science
at the
Indiana University-Purdue University
Commencement Exercises
Sunday, the tenth day of May
Two thousand nine
at three o'clock in the afternoon
Indiana Convention Center Halls ABC
School of Science
ceremony immediately following
in the Sagamore Ballroom 1-3

Sweet: TNG!

Back in September 2007 I wrote about Wil Wheaton doing voiceover work for an episode of Family Guy. I erroneously assumed the episode would air a short time later, but over a year had passed without any additional info. Fortunately I only have to wait about a month longer - hope it's worth the wait!

Goodbye Ellie, Louie, and Bailey

Fridays in August have been really rough for us. We've lost three pets this month, each on Friday. On Friday, August 1, 2008 we lost Ellie.

Louie hung on for two more weeks but went off to join Ellie on Friday, August 15, 2008. We're fairly certain he died of heartbreak since he was so close with Ellie.

Bailey was the latest to go, leaving us on Friday, August 22, 2008. Hopefully the rest of our pets stay healthy - we're looking forward to September and hoping we don't have any more sadness in such concentration.

Happy 15th Birthday, Debian!

15 years ago today, Ian Murdock announced the Debian Linux Release. I've been involved in Debian since 2002 and am amazed at how the project has grown during my involvement, let alone its entire history. Here's to continued success for the Universal Operating System!

schultmc = old

Tonight was the Debian 15th Anniversary Party and formal dinner over at the alternate hotel. During dinner, Bdale asked helix which Wilson Sister she thought she was most like.

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