CSI: The Next Generation

Tonight on CSI, Wil Wheaton guest stars as a homeless man. It's fitting that the actor who played Ensign Wesley Crusher on the flagship of the Federation is guest starring on the CSI flagship (America's Most Watched Drama).

Obey WWdN

Commonly Confused Words

h0bbel from the Gallery IRC channel pointed me to a 40-question test on commonly confused English words. The first 10 questions are beginner, the next 10 are intermediate, the next 10 are advanced, and the last 10 are expert.

My score:

93% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 87% Advanced, and 77% Expert

New blog skin

I setup a new skin this evening. The CSS for the menu doesn't work properly in Internet Explorer, but you should be using Firefox anyway :)

Get Firefox!

Gimme an F-R-Y-apostrophe-S!

While out running errands this afternoon, I noticed that Fry's Electronics is setting up shop at the old AutoNation USA store at I-69 and 96th street in Fishers.

I can't wait for it to open - I usually make it a point to go to Fry's everytime I'm in Southern California - they usually have pretty good prices on electronics.

The Noblesville Ledger has a story about the new store and has the Frys' Community Relations Manager stating that the store should open in a few weeks. Good thing I ran my errands in Fishers this afternoon - if I stayed in Castleton, I probably wouldn't know about the impending opening of the new Fry's store.

Step up

There's a large insurance company based in Carmel, Indiana named Conseco. They currently have naming rights for the arena where the Indiana Pacers play.

While searching through an online Latin-English dictionary for interesting latin words, a friend of mine and I discovered that conseco means "to dismember, cut into pieces, chop up." - an interesting name for an insurance company.

Got Gmail?

Google's GMail is currently in beta and in order to get an account, you need to have an invitation. I've sent a few invitations to people I know, but now I send all of my GMail invites to the gmail invite spooler. It collects the invites people send to and makes them available to anyone looking for an invite. With over 1.5 million invites currently available, you should be able to get an invite if you want one.

I’m Loving It?

The ad agency for McDonald's is trying to make their ads more hip by using urban language, without determining what they're actually saying:

Double Cheeseburger?

I'd hit it!

I'm a dollar menu guy

Perhaps they should have consulted

I'd Hit it

Vernacular, commonly used by males, meaning, "I would like to have sexual relations with that female."

"Wow, she's stacked! I'd hit it!"
Source: DictionaryX, Jan 23, 2003

Lets talk French….

Okay kids, its time for a funny school story. So today we were learning how to do cathertizations on people, and talking about the different sizes of caths (by the way, if you are ever on Jeopardy, they range in size from 8 - 32 French, believe me, you don't even wanna see the garden hose that is a 32!) well this guy was really getting agitated about the possibility of having to place a tube in someone's penis, that or he was just scared we were going to demonstrate on him, anyway, our Prof. pulled out a 16 French and said this was the most common size used on a male... yep you guessed it, he passed out! Poor guy! So that is my funny story for the day, you may now return to your regularly scheduled internet surfing!

The shortest distance between two points

According to MSN Maps and Directions, the quickest route between Kristinestad, Länsi, Finland and Vaasa, Länsi, Finland you have to drive 685 miles (through Sweden, no less). Vaasa looks to be less than 100 miles north of Kristinestad on the map. I think I'll stick to Mapquest

But I’m not even supposed to be here today!

Kevin Smith is set to direct The Passion of the Clerks, a sequel to his 1994 debut film, Clerks.

Kevin Smith is a great film maker and his films are always entertaining - it'll be interesting to see the Clerks sequel when it's finally released. Poking around his website, ViewAskew, it looks like Clerks X (a tenth anniversary edition of Clerks) and Jersey Girl will be available on DVD soon.

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