Fun fact

Columbus, Ohio apparently has (at least) two convention centers, or at least the GPS in my phone thought so. Fortunately while driving around looking for parking, I saw the signs for the convention center that Ohio LinuxFest was being held at.

Goodbye Ellie, Louie, and Bailey

Fridays in August have been really rough for us. We've lost three pets this month, each on Friday. On Friday, August 1, 2008 we lost Ellie.

Louie hung on for two more weeks but went off to join Ellie on Friday, August 15, 2008. We're fairly certain he died of heartbreak since he was so close with Ellie.

Bailey was the latest to go, leaving us on Friday, August 22, 2008. Hopefully the rest of our pets stay healthy - we're looking forward to September and hoping we don't have any more sadness in such concentration.

Happy 15th Birthday, Debian!

15 years ago today, Ian Murdock announced the Debian Linux Release. I've been involved in Debian since 2002 and am amazed at how the project has grown during my involvement, let alone its entire history. Here's to continued success for the Universal Operating System!

schultmc = old

Tonight was the Debian 15th Anniversary Party and formal dinner over at the alternate hotel. During dinner, Bdale asked helix which Wilson Sister she thought she was most like.

Greetings from DebConf 8!

Despite my car issues on the way to CVG, the rest of my trip to MDQ went off without a hitch. The flights from CVG and IAH left without delay and the bus ride from EZE to MDQ was uneventful, if long. I'm looking forward to another exciting time at DebConf!

Debconf 8 woes

I'm starting my trip to Mar del Plata, Argentina for DebConf 8 for my second DebConf. Although I live in Indianapolis, I'm flying out of Cincinnati since I found a cheaper flight. My trip to DebConf 7 was riddled with delays and I was hoping for my trip to DC8 to be nice and trouble free. I almost got my wish, but 10 miles from CVG the transmission went out on my car. After dealing with AAA for an hour I finally caught a cab to the airport. So far, nothing else bad has happened but I won't hold my breath until I'm safely in MDQ. Hope to see you there!

I'm going to DebConf 8

I'm going to DebConf8, edition 2008 of the annual Debian developers meeting

I had a great time at DebConf 7 last year in Edinburgh and am looking forward to another great time at DebConf 8 in Mar del Plata this year. Hopefully this year's trip to DebConf will be less hectic than last year's (I still need to finish my blog post about that). See you in Argentina!

Hot enough for you?

When I got to work this morning, it was a little warm in my cubicle. I went to the IUPUI website to find the number for campus facility services and saw a notice that a construction accident knocked out chilled water service (which is used by the air conditioning units on campus). As it got steadily warmer throughout the day, I found out more information about the accident: it didn't occur on campus, the demolition at the Marriott struck a 42" chilled water pipe, knocking out service at IUPUI and several other sites around the area.

Gazing at Gallery

Gallery has participated in the Google Summer of Code for the past three summers. Today, Gallery was written up on the GSoC Program Blog. Congratulations to everyone envolved!


Wil Wheaton is set to appear on an upcoming episode of Family Guy. Family Guy has been consistently great and hopefully Wil's episode will add to the sweetness that is Family Guy. Another sci-fi related Family Guy I'm anxious to see is the Star Wars episode which premiers this Sunday. Hopefully we're back in town by then :)

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