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Goodbye Ellie, Louie, and Bailey

Fridays in August have been really rough for us. We've lost three pets this month, each on Friday. On Friday, August 1, 2008 we lost Ellie.

Louie hung on for two more weeks but went off to join Ellie on Friday, August 15, 2008. We're fairly certain he died of heartbreak since he was so close with Ellie.

Bailey was the latest to go, leaving us on Friday, August 22, 2008. Hopefully the rest of our pets stay healthy - we're looking forward to September and hoping we don't have any more sadness in such concentration.

Bye Lulabelle, thanks for the memories!

Sam has had to send his Xbox 360 (which he's named Lulabelle) in for repairs. Maybe I can catch up to his gamerscore in the meantime ;)

Such a sad story….

If you have the means, here is a cause that is really tugging at my heart, give what you can, if you can. This family needs every little bit of help they can get.

The Majestic Restaurant is no more :(

From the July 4th edition of the Indianapolis Star:


Milwaukee-based steakhouse to open restaurant here

Indianapolis -- A Milwaukee-based steak restaurant plans to open an Indianapolis location in August.

Mo's: A Place for Steaks will open at 47 S. Pennsylvania St., replacing Majestic Restaurant, which closed in May.

Mo's co-owner John Vassallo said the Downtown atmosphere attracted him.

Mo's offers entrees ranging from a chopped steak for $12 to a 24-ounce ribeye and a 12-ounce Australian lobster tail combo for $82, according to the online menu for its Milwaukee restaurant.

And from WTHR:

A new steak chain coming to Indy

Kris Schubach/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis, July 3 - When it comes to downtown dining, Indy's motto seems to be "let them eat meat."

Craig Stonebraker, owner of Murphy's Steakhouse says, "That's what our palate is, a meat and potatoes town."

Steak places sprinkle the downtown skyline, most of them chain restaurants. And a new meaty establishment is opening soon.

Mo's, A Place for Steaks is based out of Milwaukee, but proprietor Jeremiah Hamman is home grown and hopes to give it a Hoosier flavor. "I feel we can build relationships and make people feel special."

Work is well underway to renovate the former Majestic Oyster Bar into an upscale Cheers-type venue, which may not be an easy job in an already saturated meat market.

"I don't know how many we can accommodate. Something's got to give." Stonebraker has managed to carve his own niche as an affordable, family-owned eatery.

But admits his is a dying breed. "Chains come in, build a $4 million building, $100,000 a week the minute they open their doors. It's tough to compete."

Yet those who market Indy say it's just this kind of place; unique, customer oriented; that gives a city its own flavor.

Tamara Zahn says, "We love the St Elmos, the Shapiros, the Slippery Noodle because we can't find them in every city."

Hamman says, "Chain or not, if you go somewhere they take care of you, give you a special feeling. We're trying that here."

Since we were unable to have our traditional anniversary dinner at the Majestic, Krissy and I went to the Eagle's Nest (keeping in the wedding theme - we had our rehersal dinner there) for a spectacular view and mediocre food. We hoped to be able to return to the Majestic next year, hoping the new owners wouldn't change it too much. But since "renovate the former Majestic Oyster Bar into an upscale Cheers-type venue" doesn't mean "not change it too much", it looks like we'll need to find a new tradition :(

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